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Lana Del Ray, Ann Powers, The Root, Candace Owens and the future of news

James and guest Saby Reyes Kulkarni (Spin, Billboard, Nashville Scene, Rochester City Newspaper) discuss NPR’s Ann Powers’ Lana Del Ray article, how writers reacted to the article, how artists are analyzed, Greta Von Fleet, and more.

9.20.2019 |  95min  | Download |

Doug Gottlieb, Troy Aikman and the Fox Sports Dilemma

Andrew Luck’s shock retirement reveals a an obvious riff in the FOX sports empire.

9.1.2019 |  4min  | Download |

Chance the Rapper's perception problem

Chance the Rapper’s change in strategy ahead of his critically panned “debut” album backfires… 

8.18.2019 |  2min  | Download |

Episode Zero

James shares his plans for the show

8.01.2019 |  1min  | Download |